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9 Social Media Tips to Promote Your Business

09Aug 2017
A strong Social Media presence can be considered as an asset for any business organization or website. Social Media is the new trend these days. It provides various opportunities to the audience to be closer with the establishment or organization. The sole aim of this is to create loyal customers wh..
Top 7 Myths About Mobile App Development

Top 7 Myths About Mobile App Development

09Aug 2017
Mobile apps have become very popular in the recent times as almost everyone has a Smartphone now and makes use of it in every facet of life. This is why almost every big company these days owns an app for itself to make it easier for audience to access their products and services with subtle ease. B..
Mobile Apps Development Industry | Future Trends

Mobile Apps Development Industry | Future Trends

11Jul 2017
As the number of mobile users are increasing at a rapid rate, the number of mobile apps are also increasing exponentially. These apps are not only solving day-to-day problems of the users, they have also changed how people perform different activities. As the number is seeing a continuous growth, th..
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  • Payal Ganguly
    Flipkart - India’s largest Online Marketplace is planning to be “All in one App” that customers can order food, book a cab, plan a travelling or bu...
  • Casey Newton
    Twitter is rolling out redesign for its mobile apps that will bring a new look on its app android, iOS, tweetdeck, twitter lite etc. The design wil...
  • Apple
    Apple will launch a new play store in late summer or early fall. The installation boost couble be three million, five million or 20 million. The st...
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