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9 Social Media Tips to Promote Your Business

on 9/8/17

A strong Social Media presence can be considered as an asset for any business organization or website. Social Media is the new trend these days. It provides various opportunities to the audience to be closer with the establishment or organization. The sole aim of this is to create loyal customers which will become an advertiser for the organization. Doing this is not simple. It’s easy said but difficult done however you can achieve it if you can control the medium well. 

Why Is Social Media Important To Business?

There are some of the companies which couldn’t extract the maximum out of their social accounts due to poor strategy and management. Yet, social media is one of the big businesses. Around almost 75% of all the internet users have their social account on the social networking websites. This percentage increases even more for the young adults. There is a big change these days in the traditional marketing paradigm. 

The matter of the fact is that if you want to be heard and reach to everyone, especially to your targeted audience - Social media is just the right place to start. There are also some pitfalls associated with it so it can be difficult at times.

Let us discuss few ways to promote your business


1. Don’t just create account for the sake of creating


Almost everyone is doing this, even you might not be aware of it that your business is also doing it. It may have worked for other companies but that doesn’t means it will work for you as well. 

I would suggest that you should invest some time in understanding social media well and what it can do so you can invest more efficiently and smartly.


2. Don’t Ignore Social Norms


Each social media website has different rules and social norms which you can use for promoting business through social media. What is there on one social website would not be on other. Unless or until you are acclimated about each one, it will be normal for you to commit mistakes. But getting your style is a must. There are common expectations from the corporates for promotion on social media.

  1. Take some time out almost every day to respond to messages which are given by the customers.
  2. Don’t just appraise yourself, people find it boring enough, there must be feeds with sales messages in them.
  3. Don’t be needy. You should not ask other for retweets or likes for your posts. Let it happen automatically. 
  4. Not everything is perfect so beauty lies in imperfection but you should obey the rules of social media.


3. It’s not necessary that you should be present on every social network


There is a question which often comes to your mind how to use social media for small business marketing? The answer is easy that it’s not required that you must have accounts in every social media website platform. What you need is social media promotion strategy so you can flourish with your best approach; which would be that you don’t have multiple accounts on different websites. Only a few accounts in prominent website will let you handle your work efficiently.


4. Don’t favour quantity over quality


The social media online presence is all about customer engagement and brand awareness. These goals must be the essence of your business strategy. A lot many businesses use social media platform these days to capture sales. But, sometimes you should prefer quantity over quality. So, you should post too often about promotional offers. The key is to get your content right and how to use social media for small business marketing that depends on it.


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5. Don’t ignore comments


The social media promotion strategy keeps on changing and constantly evolves. So, it is very much suggested that if you do get comments then you do reply them back. This will give your brand more value.


6. Don’t remove negative or bad comments.


A lot of people want to know how to promote a product through social media? The best thing is don’t remove the negative comments on your post. People do it all the time, thinking that it would tarnish their brand reputation. The knowledge of how to use social media effectively for your business cannot be learnt in a day or two. It’s a long process. You will learn everything new, everyday. One of which is - It is often seen that we think negative or bad comments must be avoided, but then people will get bored of good talks about your product and there will be nothing left for comparison.  So, there should be some comments against your brand and business. 


7. Don’t be complacent about Security


You should be security conscious of your business account. It’s better that you should be aware of how businesses use social media for marketing. Security is necessary and you should always pay attention while giving your passwords to anyone.


8. Relying on automatic updates.


Some of the social media accounts use automating updates but this should be used wisely. As if the automating updates are not managed well, they will post some unwanted stuff which simply bore the users and gives you negative publicity.


9. Treating it as a lone option.


It should be always kept in mind that social media is not an alone platform and there are other things.


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