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Top 7 Myths About Mobile App Development

on 9/8/17
Top 7 Myths About Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have become very popular in the recent times as almost everyone has a Smartphone now and makes use of it in every facet of life. This is why almost every big company these days owns an app for itself to make it easier for audience to access their products and services with subtle ease. But, there are various Myths about Android app that are vibrant in the market. Here are a few of them to let you know better.


Every app user is your client:


One of the biggest mistakes that most of the businessmen tend to do is assuming that every app user is a customer, which is not the case. There are various people especially youngsters that make use of applications for different purposes such as research or just for time pass.  An app user only converts into a client from an audience when he is paying to use your app and thus you must not mistake your audiences for your clients. The longevity of the app’s user defines whether he is a customer or just an audience.

Mobile business does not enhance your business:

One of the myths about iOS app is that it will not boost the business in a significant manner. Thus, most of the companies do not pay the required attention towards it. But the fact is when you come up with a well-planned application and keep coming up with required upgrades to make an impact on audience; your business will be heavily boosted.

They are very expensive:

There is another perception about the iOS app or Android app development that is - it is very expensive to get one developed for your business. This is one of the reasons why most of the MSME’s do not get one for them and thus fail in the competitive market. One of the major reasons behind the highly expensive apps is the number of functions, it offers. But, the people fail to recognize that an application works as a selling and problem solving tools for their business. Hence, it helps in maximizing your customer base and overall sales. 

A good looking app can sell more:


This is another myth about app development; although UI or UX plays a key role in selling the app but there are certain other factors that the app developers must consider while developing an application. The users generally prefer a well-designed app that can educate them and fulfill their requirements with ease. 

Creating apps for tech savvy audience:


This is another problem with android app development that most of the businesses tend to develop extreme technical apps. Thus, most of the general users are not able to use it which leads to a bad impact on the business.

  It is must to know the right strategy to maket your mobile app


Entrepreneurs must have tech knowledge:


This is another perception that is doing the rounds in the market but is completely baseless. You need not to be technically adept or skilled to have a mobile app for your brand. Your designer will get the job done for you and you just need to define the problem and get the best solutions for it.


Apps require internet connection:


You do not always need to be connected to the internet as you can download, save and synchronize data to use it on offline mode as well.


Conclusion: Thus, it becomes quite clear that mobile apps are a need and at the same time are easy to get developed with the help of companies like Pro9apps.


Pro9apps can help you in getting the best quality apps. The company is a leader when it comes to app development and has designed various apps on both android and iOS platforms.


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