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How To Promote Your App?

How to Promote The App - 9 Proven Methods

The next biggest challenge comes after the successful launch of the app is to “market the app”. Promotion of the app is essential to let your app in success path. We all know that the small business does not have much budget to dedicate to marketing or promotion. Even those who have enough budget, they also keep their promotion around few channels.

We come up with 9 proven marketing strategies, these steps will only cost the time and we are confident that if you follow them, you will get an increase in a number of followers and downloads.

Get More Downloads At The First Day of Launch
It shows the great impact on the users when they show that your app has got a lot of downloads on the first day of launch. When you first release the app, it is visible in the recent section of the app so there is a high chance that it will get more downloads. When you give your product boost at starting, automatically the app starts getting downloaded in a linear way.
Get Featured On Review Sites
Any mobile application at its beginning is not known and need to be discovered and downloaded by people. App review sites have a potential to convert users into customers. Directly go to the app review submission sites, many sites provide a submission service to either 150+ app review site.
Build A Website
People want to know that your app is real ideal or not and you are truly interested in your business. Build a single page or double page websites which will describe why your app is great by showing the features. One page website with a large download button is enough.
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Social Media
This is one of the greatest platform to give boost to your business. You have two options to promote your app on social media.

Promotion on social media as organic is a simple way. Create an account and start targeting your audience. Do the promotion of the app but in a normal way. Don’t be over promotional.


According to the 2016 report, the mobile app CTR has been increased by 32%. Facebook and instagram are very effective in terms of paid service. Putting a money behind the app on social media is surely going to give you good result.

List Your App On App Marketplace
Google play store and apple play store are the two major play store but except this, there are various app marketplaces where you will get no. of quality customers and downloads. Those online platform make your app available globally. Pro9apps is one of the leading marketplace in the app industry.
Create a Demo Video
Everything is getting digital and advanced. People also prefer a short video than a lengthy blog. Video is an easy way to showcase everything which your app offers. Create a 30 seconds video which clarifies the three questions of user : Why, How and What? Don’t forget to share this video on social platforms and your blog section if exists.
Email Marketing
Email Marketing is best when customers want to hear from you. Collect the data and send emails to your customers before and after the launch. Make it clear that they are getting benefit from your app. The email template should be attractive, unique and concise. Make sure that your email is not hitting the customer spam folder because people are already fed up from the spam emails.
Engage With Online Communities
Join the forums and relevant groups. If your app is targeted to music, than join the music community. Before starting the promotion on community, make them feel your presence,discuss with them about trendy topics. Once you have welcomed in, then you can suggest them your app.
Ask Customers to Give Feedback
The higher the rating of the app, the higher the chance of more downloads of the app. So, it is important to ask customers to leave feedback and their contact details. If any users are not satisfied with your app and issue, you can solve that by contacting them. Converting unhappy customers to happy customers is the achievement itself.

The above mention methods to promote the app are long-term approach. Each of them will be approached differently and basically depends on the targeted audience. Some may be more effective for you and some not.

The success of your app not only rely on the number of downloads, the real app success comes with high user engagement.

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