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Terms and Condition

This is an agreement between you and Pro9apps for the collaborative development and usage of software. Pro9Apps is an online app marketplace for web, android, iOS and also provide a wide range of software development services at affordable costs. We aspire to provide a service that contributes to the world community by bringing together talent from around the world and creating new industries. Pro9apps plays as a mediator between buyer and seller and does not guarantee the product quality. A buyer can't claim Pro9apps for the product quality, security and fake products. Pro9Apps recommend that please verify seller yourself before buying from them.

When you use our services, the mentioned terms and conditions shall get automatically applied to you. The terms and conditions should be carefully read before you place a tick of the agreement. We offer you our services for your business needs. However, you cannot sell the services to any third party. Also, you are not allowed to copy or modify our apps because we have apps from various app developers and app development companies and the app may be patented by them. We do not allow the source code of our apps, a user can just buy apps and also can download directly if it is free.There should be no attempts made to translate the app language or create derivative versions. The app, trademarks, intellectual property and other rights belong to App providers and Pro9apps doesn't certify that all information of app is correct and the app is completely secure. Pro9apps is just an online app market-place or a medium between buyer and seller. The original documents will be issued by the representative of app or app provider.

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