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AngularJS Blog Script

AngularJS Blog Script

07 June, 2017, By Dream apps & developers

We provide collection of commercial and free PHP Blog Scripts. Blogs scripts allow you to setup your own blog on the Web by providing an interface to manage your posts.

– any language support
– option to use meta title and meta description, so the blog will be more SEO friendly
– latest code stardard used, the script could work with any old or new PHP version including 5.5
– responsive – could fit any screen, tablet or mobile device
– installation is one step simple process (we provide free installation help)
– copy and paste single line of code to insert the blog on your web page
– WYSIWYG (html) editor for the post text, images, flash movies, vimeo and youtube videos are supported in the post message
– search box (optional)
– share buttons "FaceBook", "Twitter", "LinkedIn" etc… to each post
– date and time format for different countries and languages
– sorting the order of comments
– multiple options for the captchas on post comments form
– approving comments before having them listed
– option to select multiple comments and delete at once(bulk)
– email address where all new comments notifications will be sent to

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